Question: How Do I Get To The First Message On My IPhone?

Open the Messages app > Tap on the message thread of the person you want to see the first iMessage sent from > Tap on the time stamp at the top of your display and you’ll be taken to the first message.23 Oct 2019

How can I get old messages on my iPhone without scrolling?

You can easily find old messages on iPhone 11/X/8/7/6 without scrolling with the search bar on iMessages.

  • Tap Message app.
  • While viewing the Messages list, swipe down with your finger to expose the search box.

5 Sep 2019

How do you go to the beginning of a conversation on Instagram?

Find the participant whose messages you want to read from the start. Once you have found the right person, right-click on the conversation option and select Expand all from the menu. All the items under conversations will open up. Scroll down and you will be able to check the first message.17 Apr 2019

How do you go to the very first message on Snapchat?

Answer: A: Not really a complete answer, but if you tap the “time” at the very top of the screen, the message will quickly move to the top of the current set of messages. Then you do need to tap the “load more messages”. But you can quickly tap the “time” then “load more” then “time” then “load more” etc19 Feb 2014

What is the fastest way to scroll through messages on iPhone?



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Tricks to Scroll Up to the Top of Messages on the iPhone – YouTube


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Why can’t I see old messages on my iPhone?

If your problem is a little different in that your iDevice isn’t searching through any of your texts, then it’s quite possible that the Message App is toggled off in Siri & Search. To check, go to Settings > Siri & Search > Messages > and make sure Show Siri Suggestions in App and Show in Search are toggled ON.11 Nov 2019

How do you chat on Instagram with Chrome?

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How to Direct Message on Instagram from Laptop, Chromebook, or


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How do you look at messages on Instagram without them knowing?

Never tap on it! Then you open the Instagram app and go to the Instagram direct message icon that is present in the top right-hand corner of your screen! After that, the Instagram direct message will load up but do not access the chat which you do not want the sender to find out that you have seen the message!

How do you get to the top of your messages on Instagram?

To see messages you’ve sent with Instagram Direct, tap in the top right of Feed. From there, you can manage the messages you’ve sent and received.

To use video chat on Instagram:

  1. Tap in the top right of Feed.
  2. Tap a username or group name to open the conversation.
  3. Tap in the top right.

What does 📌 mean on Snapchat?

1 point · 2 months ago. This is mad late but the 📌 emoji means you pinned the conversation, which means your friend will be at the top of your list regardless of who you messaged last.

Why can’t I send messages on Snapchat?

And you can restart network connection by turning Airplane mode on and off on your phone. A few users are able to send message or photo again after they log out and back in on Snapchat. Open Snapchat, tap the ghost icon and select Settings. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen, tap Log Out.9 Jan 2018

How can I access old iMessages?

To find old iMessages:

  • Open Messages.
  • Drag your finger downwards across the middle of your screen to reveal a search bar.
  • Tap the Search Bar and type in keywords from the message, or the name of someone in the conversation.
  • Tap Search.
  • Select the message you were looking for to go to the conversation.

23 Jun 2018

How do you check iMessage history?

Method 1 Viewing Your iMessages (iOS)

  1. Open the Messages app.
  2. Tap a conversation you wish to view. If you’re already in a different conversation, tap < in the top left corner of your screen first.
  3. Scroll up through the conversation’s contents.
  4. Tap the Details button.
  5. Review your conversation’s media.
  6. Tap Done .

Why can’t I scroll up on iMessage?

Answer: A: Click the Apple menu at the top-left of the screen, then select System Preferences. Next, select the General preferences pane; it’s the very first one, up at the top. Under the “Show scroll bars” heading, you’ll find three options: “Automatically based on input device,” “When scrolling,” and “Always.”13 Mar 2019